Building Garage

Building a Garage with Payzant’s Home Hardware

Whether you have had it up to here with scraping off your windshield in our Nova Scotian winters or you’re looking for space to tinker with your tools, building a garage or outbuilding can be advantageous for homeowners.

Before you begin your daydreams for this new space, give your local municipal authority a call to determine the area available to build. 

Tammy Connors, Install Sales Manager of Payzant’s Home Hardware, sees plenty of grand plans that don’t take into account municipal restrictions. “You need to call first because there are certain restrictions and, honestly, it can depend from one side of the street to the other.” 

Typically, homeowners may build eight feet from the house. However, some property lines are subject to different requirements in addition to a potential height restriction. 

Some savvy homeowners look to build a second story to their garage, whether that’s for income opportunities, workshop space, or just storage. In such situations, it’s especially important to confirm building code and requirements with the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM).


With project guidelines in hand, it’s full speed ahead on designing a dream garage. 

Garage trends have turned what used to be a storage space for vehicles into multi-purpose activity zones. While many homeowners continue to build traditional garages with room for car care, others step beyond into the luxurious and highly functional. 

Tammy has worked with homeowners to create ideal spaces, or as she says, “garages that are not garages.” From exercise studios to craft spaces, guest accommodations and more.  One recent build even included a climbing wall!

Payzant’s Home Hardware can coordinate your garage build from foundation to rooftop. 

The first step to your garage build is ensuring a level lot. Tammy works with a team of installers and contractors to ensure the lot is excavated to create level ground for the concrete slab. 

“We look after the concrete. We look after the framers, everything. Then, of course, we’ll get the building permit. We manage all the inspections and all the trades.”

That includes the electricians and plumbers, as well, for those looking for a truly multipurpose space. Tammy also works with crews to dig the trench for the utilities and coordinates with inspectors, who can be exacting when it comes to standards for an excavation. 

garage design

Garages can be beautiful, too.

In addition to being more than utilitarian spaces, garages can be quite attractive and enhance the curb appeal of a home. Payzant’s Home Hardware can work with you to create a coordinating look with siding, shingles, windows and doors, as well as ensuring the pitch of the roof is complementary to the house, too.  

“At the end of the day, we want it to look like it’s always been there,” Tammy says. “Each garage is customized individually.”

From Design to Installation, Payzant’s Home Hardware offers a one-stop solution for your garage building projects – BIG and small. Payzant’s professional installers are fully insured and certified to work on your garage and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

To learn more, request a consultation or give us a call. Tammy and the Installs Team can be reached at (902) 864-0000.