Choosing A BBQ To Suit Your Grilling Style

What better way to enjoy the outdoors than with some grilled to perfection barbeque food. 

The weather is finally starting to even out and summer is just around the corner! It’s time to make the most of our fair-weather season and enjoy some time outdoors. And what better way to enjoy the outdoors than with some great tasting barbecue food! Whether you dream of slow roasting roasts and barbecue ribs or simply want to cook up some quick sausages or pizza on the grill, there’s a grill to suit every desire and budget. 

Let’s highlight a few options available to you at Payzants and perhaps some suggestions to help choose the right category of grill for you. 

Import models

One of the things I often tell people when shopping for barbecues is: if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. In other words, beware of the 5 burner “stainless steel” barbecue that looks like it’s worth $1000, but is only $399. While these may look like a great deal, you will often see them curbside within a year or two. They are often made with very cheap parts and thin cook boxes. If anything breaks there is little to no warranty and its often impossible to find parts to fix.

Compact/portable models

There are some great options for portable barbecues out there. Think about what you would want to do with the grill and go from there. Our line of Weber Q portable grills is very flexible and make excellent grills for small patios or balconies, for 1 or 2 people cooking, or when you want to grab a grill to take to the park. Available in a variety of colours make sure you check these out.

Made in North America Broil King

A core lineup of grills that gives you lots of features for the price is Broil King. These grills are made in North America and are tested and guaranteed for up to 10 years on burners and a limited lifetime warranty on the cook box.

Broil King SIgnet
Broil King SIgnet
Broil King SIgnet

The Signet 320 3 Burner Propane Barbecue by Broil King

One of the best selling models is the Signet 320 starting at $529; or you can choose to upgrade the grill size and features to go with a Sovereign or even Baron. These grills can offer a few luxuries at an affordable price and will be a reliable grill for many years. 

Weber Classic

Weber is one of the best grill brands in the world and easily the best value. Weber grills start at $649 for the Spirit II line which has been very popular in blue and red this year. From the Spirit II you can move up to the Genesis series and beyond for a grill that will easily last you 10+ years. These grills are backed with a 10-year warranty. When you look at the lifetime cost of your grill, a Weber is easily your best and least expensive option. 

Weber Elite

For the backyard entertainer or family person, our lineup of Weber Elite models is just the ticket. From a Genesis II up to a Summit you can enjoy all sorts of features like backlit temperature knobs and sophisticated burner design. The new iGrill wireless food thermometers connect with an app on your phone so you can relax while cooking and still achieve perfect results. 

Weber Spirit II Series
Weber Genesis II Series
Weber Summit Series
Options: Side burners, Rotisserie, And More 

When choosing a grill you should take some time to think about what you want to cook on it, not just what you’ve cooked in the past. Options like side burners, sear burners, and rotisserie burners give you some extra tools that will give you more confidence to have some fun and try new things. You could look at them and say “nah, I’ve never needed that before”, but maybe just maybe it could spark a new and enjoyable grilling option that will become a family favourite. Don’t discount these options just because you’ve never tried them. 

It’s Not All About Propane

At Payzants we also carry some great models of charcoal grills and smokers. From the best selling Weber kettle charcoal grill to a kamado-style Broil King Keg there a few options to consider. These grills are great especially if you already have a reliable propane grill but are looking for that alternative option for some new and creative slow-cook recipes.

Broil King Kamado Keg
Weber Kettle Charcoal Grill
Weber Kettle Charcoal Grill

Get Inspired With Accessories And Enhancements

Finally, no matter what style grill you choose, take a minute to browse our selections of accessories and enhancements. Things like flavoured wood chips, grilling planks, and cooking racks and utensils might just inspire your next great grilling experience. There’s always something new to check out!

Make sure you stop to talk to one of our bbq grilling experts. We have a great lineup of quality grills to suit every experience and budget. We are proud to be recognized as a Weber Elite dealer in 2019 so be sure to ask us about some exclusive Weber grills that you won’t find everywhere else!

Happy grilling – and we hope to see you soon!