Beautiful home in snow

Delivering on Curb Appeal with Kaycan Siding

 Every spring, Canadian homeowners venture into their yard with trepidation. Whether it’s the gusting wind of spring storms or the snow and ice of winter blizzards, our lawns and gardens can be ravaged by our climate. 

The decision to replace your home’s siding is based on curb appeal. 

Amongst our concerns is the exterior of our homes. Brick chips and crumbles, stucco can lose chunks, wood siding needs painting every 3 to 5 years. Hardie Board (also known as cement board) doesn’t hold up in our Atlantic climate, as it is 90 percent sand and cement. It tends to peel and crack and usually doesn’t come with a warranty. 

Maybe you have wood shingles and they’re rotten, the paint is chipped off, and it’s time to look for other alternatives, something that would be easier to maintain while adding curb appeal.

Siding pro, Tammy Cadwell, says, “If you pull into your driveway, and you don’t like what you see, then maybe it’s time for a change.”

Tammy Cadwell has been with Kaycan for over 17 years. She started out on the order desk before moving into sales 10 years ago. She knows their siding products inside and out.

 Kaycan produces and distributes vinyl, aluminum, and engineered wood siding as well as accessories and coil.

They are one of the most popular siding suppliers at Payzant’s Home Hardware. Proudly Canadian, Kaycan is also a family-owned-and-operated company with a history spanning four decades. 

Tammy recommends Kaycan’s vinyl siding as a good choice for homeowners because it’s relatively maintenance-free. All it needs is a gentle spraydown with a pressure washer to keep it clean. Kaycan’s siding products mimic the look of real wood and there are many styles, textures and colours available, which means there is a siding for every preference. 

Kaycan also offers a lifetime warranty on our product. As Tammy says, “Vinyl stands up well and we’re confident that it will last”.

Tip: You can replace single pieces of siding by using a zip tool that lifts the piece off.

Accidents can happen to the best of us! Tammy has often seen a homeowner whose barbecue was too close, coming in to match the colour of a melted and warped piece of siding.

Homeowners can use a zip tool to get under the top and bottom edges of the vinyl siding to remove an individual piece. In doing so, you can replace pieces or sections without damaging the rest of the wall in the process.

The variety of siding, including colours, textures and styles are endless.

Choosing new siding for your home can be difficult due to the extensive range of options. There are so many variances that many builders use two or three styles to create curb appeal. 

Tammy recommends taking a tour of your neighbourhood. Identify the colours and styles that you like and take a photo to give yourself a starting point. Then bring your photos to Payzant’s Home Hardware for help in choosing the products best suited for your home and budget.

When it comes to popular trends, dramatic and bold colours were very popular last year. Many homeowners favoured tones such as Manor which is an almost black brown or Castlemore which is a dark greenish grey.  

While those dark colours will likely still be popular, Tammy expects to see a shift to what she calls Mother Nature’s colour palette this year, with tranquil hues such as willow green or midnight blue. 

Kaycan siding on home

The timeline for changing a home’s exterior depends on who is doing the job and what they’re working with. 

Tammy suggests that a contractor with a good-sized team can do a bungalow in around a week. However, if you’re pulling off old siding or doing other structural changes it can extend the length of the job.

“Some homeowners try to do it themselves but I suggest, especially with the darker colours, they have a professional do the work,” Tammy says. The dark colours expand and contract differently and more prominently than the light colours, which makes the placement of nails and how they’re driven critical to the siding’s health.

Count on Kaycan’s lifetime warranty and the service at Payzant’s Home Hardware for the peace of mind to weather whatever storms your home may come up against.

Above all, Tammy says, replacing your siding should not be a stressful process. Updating your home’s exterior should be a pleasant experience, improving curb appeal and creating a home that you’re proud to pull up to.

For more information on your home exterior options, contact the Payzant’s Install Team