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Go Big Or Go Home – Get on Trend with Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Window renovations and installs are in high demand; whether you prefer vintage, decorative or plain and simple, the top line windows of today all have one thing in common: energy efficiency. 

“In addition to energy efficiency, another trend is size,” says Jeff Barsalou, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Kohltech Windows & Entrance Systems. “Homeowners are really opening up their space to the outdoors, they want as much of the outside as they can brought into their living space.”

With larger windows comes more reasons to ensure they are energy efficient. Here are four quick tips to help you remember what to look for in an energy-efficient window:

  1. The number of panes – Triple pane (most energy-efficient), Dual pane (most affordable).
  2. The spacer material between the glass pieces that decreases the amount of heat lost (tin, stainless steel or silicone).
  3. The type of LoE coating that determines how the glass will reflect the heat back to the same side of the glass. This coating comes in two forms and differs based on climate:
    • High Solar Gain (reflects heat back into the home – better for colder climates); and 
    • Low Solar Gain (blocks heat from entering the home – ideal if you get a lot of sun in the summer).
  4. The substance found in the gas-filled cavity between the panes of the glass that decreases the heat transfer from the exterior and interior of a home. The most common option is Argon, but Krypton is sometimes also considered, however, it is generally much more expensive in relation to the small gain in energy efficiency.

When it comes to putting these tips to use and finding the best window for your needs, Kohltech has some of the best windows in the industry to offer.

We know that choosing windows and entrance systems for your new home or renovation is a big decision, and we want you to feel good about your choice.” says Barsalou. Kohltech’s patented Energlas Plus, triple pane uses two LoE coatings, Argon gas and a cellular silicone spacer. It’s the best you can buy today.”

 With the boom in window renovations you can also expect to see a rise in energy efficient doors.  When it comes to doors the most important take-away is a little easier to mull over than the list of window requirements. 

“It all comes down to weather stripping,” says Barsalou. “The tighter the seal, the less chance of air transfer.” Barsalou also points out that getting multiple points of weatherstripping contact will help improve efficiency even further. “Multi-point locks are a great addition for improving performance. They lock the door in the middle, top and bottom to ensure a tight seal is held.”