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Metal Roofing vs. Traditional Asphalt Roofing

As warmer temperatures cause the snow to melt, homeowners are starting to think about spring clean-up. If you have already started the clean-up process, you may have come across loose roof shingles that made their way to the ground over the winter months.

You may be surprised to learn that you are far from the only one finding roofing shingles in your backyard. Rather, many homeowners are struggling with damaged roofs after high wind storms and colder temperatures and are left questioning their choice in roofing materials.

“Steel roofs are quickly becoming a favourite among homeowners,” says Danielle Devlin, Scotia Metal Products. “This is because over the lifetime of your home they are seen as the safest bet and the most cost efficient since shingle replacements are guaranteed to happen a number of times before you would ever need to think about changing your steel roof again.”

“Our process uses steel panels that are screwed down (not nailed) and have far less seams, which equals less places for wind and rain to hide,” says Devlin. “They are also screwed on the ‘high ribs’ of the roof, which are the weakest points for wind resistance and offer trims and accessories that help seal against weather and pests.”

Steel roofing is made from recyclable content, offers custom cuts, quick delivery times and has a 40 year warranty that protects against fading, chips and peeling to name a few. Along with these benefits comes a large colour palette to choose from. 

PVC and polylite panel roofing

Scotia Metal Products

Majestic profile roofing

Scotia Metal Products

“We now offer 24 colour options,” says Devlin. “Many of our paint colours offer a “Cool Roof” paint system which means they reflect heat away from your home in the summer and the cold in the winter.”

Payzant’s Home Hardware in Lower Sackville has a large steel roofing display in its showroom which includes many of the new colour options. Come in for a visit and learn more about the benefits of a steel roof.