We all know that summer can feel a like a short season in the Maritimes, and summer is a time to enjoy your home and outdoor spaces, not fix them!

However, there are some basic maintenance jobs that can help make your summer the best season ever.
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Take Care of Outdoor Spaces

In the summer heat, your lawn may require regular watering. This prevents the root structure of the grass from rising to the surface looking for water. Generally, most lawns require about 1" of water once a week, either from rain or irrigation. A simple test is to walk over your lawn and if you leave footprints, that means it needs water.

Water any flowers or potted plants and if you have a flower garden, deadhead flowers that are past their bloom. Plants prefer a good water a few times a week rather than watering every day - better for them and easier for you!


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Clean Up Your Home Exterior

Make sure that your gutters, downspouts, and chimney are clean and free of debris. Inspect your roof for any sign that repairs are needed. Summer is the time to get that fixed!

If your home exterior needs cleaning, make sure you use the right tool. There are different types of pressure washers with different levels of power which can make cleaning faster but also increase the risk of damage to wood or other surfaces. Make sure to prep the area first by patching any broken surfaces and protecting any plants that are nearby. It's a good idea to start by washing from around 10 ft away, and move in a little closer. Taking your time will help you get a quality result.

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Tune Up the Lawn Mower

You may need to set your mower to the highest setting initially; don't cut the grass too short and expose it to drought in dry weather and weeds in wet weather. It's a good idea to tune up your lawn mower and garden tools once a year. Sharp tools do a better job, and are safer too. Use an air hose and a rag or brush to clean any debris from the mower's body and upper deck. Avoid using water to clean your mower as it could get into any fittings, seals, or internal components and cause problems down the road.

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Get the Air Conditioning Ready

Make sure that you clean your heat pump regularly and clean any dust buildup on the indoor head unit. No matter what kind of air conditioning you have - a heat pump or a window unit - it is important to clean the filters at least once a month. You can also use the "Circulate only" mode to distribute cooler air throughout the house even without using the air conditioning mode.

If you don't have AC but you do use ceiling fans, reverse the setting in the summer so it runs counterclockwise. This pushes the air down to create a light breeze.


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Make Sure You Have the Tools You Need

It seems like there is a new power tool for every project, but there are some basic essentials that most homeowners will need. Make sure you have good quality tools that will last, and help you keep your property looking good throughout the season.

The most used yard work power tools over the summer will likely be: lawn mower, trimmer, leaf blower, and tiller. If you have a lot of trees down, you may also need a chainsaw to help clear larger debris.