Let's roll up our sleeves and tackle our spring maintenance projects!

It's finally that time in Nova Scotia where the sun peeks out just a little big longer, the birds chirp a little bit louder, and people everywhere look around their properties to get ready for Spring and Summer! If you are like most people, there's a whole series of small home maintenance projects that you neglected over the winter months, or maybe didn't have a chance to finish in the fall. You're in luck because the home repair and maintenance experts at Payzant have a list of useful projects to make sure your house or property is ready for the rest of the year!



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Before starting up your BBQ for the first time this year, make sure to complete the proper maintenance. It is always a good idea to check the interior for built-up grease, damaged parts, or even insects or animals. Next, make sure that the lid and all side tables/burners are clean and burn off any residue.


When spring starts it is a good idea to take a quick walk around your basement and look for signs of damage of the winter. The #1 cause of damage is water, inspect walls and ceilings, pipes, weather, and rubber seals. Look for pools of water or signs of mold and mildew. It’s always a good idea to quickly spray down the sides of your home with your garden hose to look for leaks and cracks.


Check your deck for signs of wood rot, mold, by looking for decolouration in the boards or soft spots in your deck. Any discoloured or soft spots should be replaced immediately. Remove all debris from the deck and pressure wash dirt and grime away. Adding a deck sealant like a new layer of stain can help your deck last longer.


If you have a fence, it is always a good idea to walk the fence to check for damage in the springtime. Check the condition of the posts, wet ground can cause the posts to become loose, if you have fence ties, make sure that they are all secure and intact. Check wood for signs of degradation, moss algae and rot/decay. You may find some nails/screws or older boards that need replaced.


If you have a sprinkler system, make sure that you have at least 12 inches of unfrozen soil before testing. If you dig up the soil and it is still frozen, you will have to wait to run them. Before running your sprinklers double deck your controller, check your system for cracks and signs of damage and test your water pressure.

Smoke Detector

Lots of people use the start of spring to make sure they change the batteries in their smoke alarms. When was the last time you changed your batteries? The easy way to stay on top of smoke alarm maintenance is to use the 1-2-10 rule.

1 — Test your smoke detectors every month

2 — Change the batteries twice a year, even if they aren’t chirping

10 — Replace the detectors every 10 years


The fires lit to keep warm this winter can result in the buildup of creosote. In the spring it may be time to conduct a chimney sweep or hire a professional to investigate the chemical buildup. A chimney inspection can be quite a big task requiring you to get on the roof.

Lawn and Garden

Spring is the perfect time to get started on your perfect back yard oasis! Take the time to trim any overgrowth, clean up last years leaves you may have missed and remove all the dead branches and debris from your lawn. These early months of spring are also the best time to tidy up flowerbeds and give them a good facelift, adding some compost to these flowerbeds is a great way to make sure they are ready for planting season.

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Hopefully your roof didn't take a beating during our Nova Scotia winter and our endless freeze/thaw weather. Spring is a great time to take a look and see how your shingles are doing and scan your general roof condition. Look for missing or damaged shingles and signs of leaking or cracking, and if you are using a ladder please make sure it's stable before going up and use precaution when climbing up. Payzant has a number professionals who can help if you just aren't sure what to look for, or how to get up there! Signs its time to replace your roof:


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Check all the alignment on all your fixtures, the change in the ground can cause your fixtures to move around, some lights may have been dimmed from weather and salt and need replaced. Check your timers! Your timed lights may need adjusted from daylight savings. Look for new improvements! Deck lights, pool lights, walkway, garden, or some torches may be a great addition to your backyard this summer

Patio furniture
Patio Furniture

When prepping your deck for spring, it is a good time to deep clean your patio furniture for the season! Do not use the pressure washer. Instead, clear debris with your leaf blower and clean the patio furniture with warm water and dish soap. This is the best option to protect your furniture and the environment.


When spring starts it is a perfect time to give your Windows & Doors a once-over. Use a glass cleaner to clean the glass and window surround and make sure to clean out all the dirt and grime you may find around the hinges, handles, etc. Make sure to check the integrity of your weatherstrip. Take a quick look to make sure that any caulking is still secure and it’s not loose. Even the smallest gaps in caulking or your weatherstripping could be costly energy wasters.


The list of projects around your home can be endless.

Luckily the professionals at Payzant are here to help. If you want to chat about any particular project simply stop by one of our 10 locations or Contact Us for immediate help.