Here are some tips to help prepare your home, loved ones, and vehicles in advance of a snowstorm:

Bring Out the Grill

Make sure to have your outdoor grill ready if you have one. Simply make sure to pick up the essentials, such as charcoal, matches, newspapers, lighter fluid, or a full tank of propane for a gas grill. A camping stove would also be a good alternative.

Maintain Your Generator

If you have a generator, you’ll want to top off your supply of fuel and replace old fuel that may be stale. Make sure the generator is up to date on maintenance like oil changes, filters, and spark plugs, and ensure that any extension cords you’re using are undamaged and rated for generator use.

Prepare your Icebox

Filling empty spaces with water or ice will help your refrigerator and freezer keep their cool temperatures throughout a power outage. If it is below freezing outside, you can quickly freeze several large water containers and keep them moving in and out of your refrigerator and freezer just in case.

Top Off the Gas Tank

Don’t forget to fill up your car’s gas tank. Winter storms could interrupt fuel deliveries in your area.

Check Your Supplies:

  • Snow and ice removal: Have a snow shovel and ice melt to keep walkways clear and safe.
  • A supply of food, warm clothes, and medications: Stock up on non-perishable food products, required prescriptions, and warm clothing and blankets to keep your family fed for a few days. Also, stock up on any other emergency supplies you might require in the event of a power loss, such as batteries, flashlights, first aid kits, and other items.
  • Power up electronics: Make sure your smartphone, tablet and computer batteries are fully charged and have alternate power sources like power banks ready.
  • Battery-powered radio: Keep a battery-powered radio on hand to stay aware of changing weather conditions. • Fun stuff- Keep cards, puzzles, and board games around since it’s likely online entertainment won’t be available.
Recommended Supplies:
  • Propane
  • Generator
  • Cooler
  • Batteries
  • Chainsaw
  • Portable Charger
  • Lantern
  • Shovel
  • Windshield De-Icer
  • Ice Packs
  • Falshlight
  • BBQ
  • Salt
  • Sand
  • Heater
  • Snowblower

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